Baskets (at Bill’s Cafe Cambridge)

Lights #shoreditch #ceilingart #lightbulb

Milk bottles on the ceiling #shoreditch #shoreditchart #ceilingart #milkbottle

The power of girl #shoreditch #shoreditchart

Awesome everything - @carolinewphoto #shoreditchart

Totally amazed at what @carolinewphoto can create! (at Old Spitalfields Market)

Artist’s hands

Having fun with reflections in #shoreditch with @carolinewphoto and @ciararosegriffin

8 fingers, 2 thumbs- all present and correct (at Henlow Park)

Now there’s a proper door handle! (at Church of St Mary the Virgin, Henlow)

The church dates from the 11th/12th century, but the tower is rather more modern- it was only built in the 15th century. Love old architecture! (How much of what we build today will last that long?) (at Church of St Mary the Virgin, Henlow)

Just for a moment the sun shone into this little glade… magical! (at Henlow Bridge Lakes)

Shadows in the stream (at Henlow Bridge Lakes)

Red Admiral

Sun umbrellas (at Abantu)